Welcome to the personal website of Tom Bennett (*ahem*, that would be me).  

So, who am I? I'm a software engineer that particularly enjoys video game and mobile development.  To be specific, I most enjoy frontend development, as I strive to create great a great user experience as I continue to learn more about design.  Other software development interests include design patterns and languages.

My big, non-software dev passion is creating unique narratives specific to a medium.  Growing up, I was constantly reading.  As I matured, I began to question why video games and comic books don't get the same "credit" as novels and art films.  It was while pondering the general public's scorn against these forms that I started to really appreciate the uniqueness each brings to the overarching story (to this end, I highly recommend Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics).

As such, my ultimate goal is to develop a game where the narrative truly utilizes the interactive nature of the medium (as opposed to telling a linear narrative using text or cut-scenes).  I want to create the Citizen Kane  of video games. 

Aim high, or don't bother.